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A proactive K-12 systemic approach to regulating the
social, emotional, and educational needs of all students
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​There you will find the materials needed for each of the 15 Behavior Integration strategies.
The elementary levels will cover grades K-4 and the
Middle School/High School covers grades 5-12.
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Check Out Our New Products
We are excited to share with you two new products that we have recently completed. Based on our book, Calming The Storm Regulating Behavior, we have created two new workbooks! 
This workbook contain the Essential Seven lesson plans and activities you need to implement Calming The Storm into your Elementary classroom (centered around Emotional Regulation, Flexibility, and Task Initiation). ​​ An added feature is the Forecast Process, which is the introductory lessons to getting started.
This workbook contain the Essential Seven lesson plans and activities you need to implement Calming The Storm into your Middle School/High School classroom (centered around Emotional Regulation, Flexibility, and Task Initiation). ​​​
So, if you are looking for specific strategies to implement social/emotional learning with your students, ​
these lessons are what you need! Click on the link below to go directly to our product page to get your copies! 

Check Out Our New Products
We are excited to share with you two new products that we have recently completed. We are very proud of our new book, Calming The Storm Regulating Behavior and our  Calming The Storm Board game.
We are very excited to share with you our book titled, Calming The Storm Regulating Behavior: Teaching Social/Emotional Regulation Skills to K-12 Students and Parents. This book provides an overview of Calming The Storm, The Five Step Process, and focuses on CTS techniques customized specifcially for improving emotional regulation, flexibility, and task initiation. Calming The Storm is a K-12 social skills curriculum that can be used with both special education and general education students. Click on the link below to order your copy today!

Calming The Storm Board Game is designed for working with elemntary students in Grades K-5. The game consists of 45 scenario cards that help students identify different ways to Calm The Storm. The game comes with 5 pawns, two dice, directions, and an easy storage mesh bag. The cost is $22 per game.  We also have a Middle School/High School version. Click on 'The Store' tab to order yours today!
Regulating Behavior
Proactive Approach
A social skills curriculum for grades K-12
Common Knowledge
An extensive program for special education students and general education students needing help with self- regulation skills
Welcome, Educators!
Through extensive research, we have observed a lack of executive functioning skills in students in classroom settings at both the elementary and high school levels. As a result, we have created a Social Skills Curriculum, titled Calming The Storm.  

Research indicates by implementing multiple social skills strategies, which allows students to ‘Calm their Storm’, student behaviors and academic performance are positively influenced.
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MDE Alignment 
The Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) has adopted a central strategy that focuses on Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) targeting bullying and school climate improvemnt, which keeps the state in compliance with The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). According to the Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL), developing competencies in students' abilities to manage emotions, setting goals, establishing relationships, and making responsible decisions supports their success in school and life.

Our Program, Calming The Storm (CTS), has been designed to facilitate and promote CASEL's framework for social and emotional learning competencies, which are:
* Relationship Skills
* Self-awareness
* Self-management
* Social Awareness
* Responsible Decision-making

We are confident our CTS Model will provide students,  teachers, districts, parents, and communities the necessary skills and tools to fully implement a successful SEL program.

Everything About CTS
  1. Networking
    We both teach in two different districts and at two different levels, thus, giving you the assurance that we can connect with what you need to be successful.
  2. Consulting
    As current practicing educators, we bring a level of practicality and real-world experience that makes this program more effective and reliable. We are available to come and share with you our expertise and guidance in implementing CTS.
  3. Title
  1. Flexibility
    Our materials have enough flexibility in use that the skills taught can be applied to any grade level and in any classroom setting.
  1. Cutting-edge Materials
    We have done all of the work for you. Our materials are based on the most recent, researched information and will support what you need to make systemic changes to your classroom environment.
  1. Practicality
    We cut right to the chase and give you materials and information you can implement immediately.
  1. Student-centered Approach
    We do what matters most to kids; relationship-building and non-judgmental approaches where they begin to feel immediate success; in and out of the classroom.