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A proactive K-12 systemic approach to regulating the
social, emotional, and educational needs of all students
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The 5 Step Process

To Successfully Implement Calming The Storm Strategies

Step 1:        Identifying the Storm

You will begin by implementing the Student Behavioral Referral Form to identify what is happening with the student and identify what is causing the storm to occur. You may also receive a referral from another teacher or staff member, indicating that a particular student is having some social and/or emotional difficulty.

Step 2:        Processing the Storm

After the Storm is identified, you will begin the process of setting up the strategies for best handling the Storm. Your Processing Form will identify specific strategies you feel will best lead to success. These are typically collaborated with the student. It provides a clear understanding of what happened and will provide a process in how to drop the storm.

Step 3:        Dropping the Storm

During this stage, you will identify the raindrops (the activities) that best deal with the Storm and incorporate them into the daily routine of the student. The student will collaborate in this identification process and collectively, an agreed-upon set of strategies will be incorporated to best ensure ownership and success in Calming The Storm.

Step 4:        Tracking the Storm

During this three-week timeframe, you will use your forms to keep track and record behaviors, attitudes, or other relevant information connected to the Storm being monitored. Try to make sure this information is up-to-date and current, as you want the most accurate picture to identify what is working and easily identify other patterns that may emerge.  At the High School level, this may also include a Behavior Check-In process, as students are not as self-contained as in the elementary grade levels. 

Step 5:        Maintaining the Calm

This process never really comes to an end, thus, our ultimate goal is to maintain a level of functionality and consistency. Any reduction in unwanted behavior is always expected, but the realistic truth is sustaining a positive set of expectations, while surrounding the students with the tools necessary to maintain success. Be sure to acknowledge the student's success as well. Let the student know how much you recognize the effort of making changes happen.