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A proactive K-12 systemic approach to regulating the
social, emotional, and educational needs of all students
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​There you will find the materials needed for each of the 15 Behavior Integration strategies.
The elementary levels will cover grades K-4 and the
Middle School/High School covers grades 5-12.
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The Storms

Research indicates that students today are having more and more difficulty regulating behaviors in school environments. According to the Child Mind Institute, 9 to 13 million, or 10% of school-age children present the most challenging behaviors. The three most common behaviors identified are task initiation, flexibility, and emotional regulation. 
You can read more about each of these behaviors by downloading the Quick Guides for Success associated with each behavior. There you will find strategies, background information, and an overview of key ideas when working with students struggling in a particular area. These Quick Guides are universal, in that, they are applicable to all grade levels and/or subject areas.

Click on the Link to Access the Quick Guide for Success:

Emotional Regulation

Regulating Middle School/
High School Storms

Regulating Elementary Storms

One of the most important strategies to capitalize on when working with older students is building a healthy relationship with the student and taking the time to get to know the student.. Once trust is gained, your chances of success increase dramatically!
When working with elementary-age students, it is important to keep everything in perspective and try not to overwhelm the situation by trying too many things at once. Slow and steady will gain more ground that trying to do too much all at once!

Emotional Regulation

Click on the title to learn more about Emotional Regulatioin Strategies

Emotional Regulation

Click on the title to learn more about Emotional Regulatioin Strategies